This year, AID-COMILLA celebrates its 26th year of working for women’s voice and it is our great honour to share it with our partners in development who made it possible for us to come along with to this way. Our success is a combination of the great contributions of people involved in making AID-COMILLA a successful organization: the invaluable dedication and commitment of staff to implement Program activities in the field, the belief of donors in our capacity to achieve our goals, the trust of our partners/project participants in the grassroots level to deliver quality services for them to further improve their lives, and the unrelenting support of our local and international partners to meet a common vision.

We are happy that with the donor support, AID-COMILLA during this period has been able to effectively implement all the programme activities for the benefit of the poor and marginalized people as per work plan

We would like to thank the Government of Bangladesh, Executive Committee & General Committee Members of AID-COMILLA, our donors, partners, and supporters for their generous and continued support and cooperation for all of our endeavours. We are committed to continue to serve the Bangladeshi people in the coming years as we work to alleviate poverty and empower the powerless.

Rokeya Begum Shafali
Executive Director